Microshaver Sinus Surgery 1

Microshaver Sinus Surgery

Use of the Microshaver ushered in a more precise, delicate and sophisticated way of eliminating the diseased tissue while inducing minimal trauma and preserving the healthy mucosal layer. Microshaver Surgery was introduced in 1968 with the intention to treat a specific tumor (acoustic neuroma) located in the inner ear.

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Navigation Sinus Surgery

In this article : Navigation Sinus Surgery Process & Equipment Pre-operative Preparation Advantages Studies Interesting facts Advancements in Sinus Surgery Technological advancements and continuous R&D in the field of medical science paved the way for new therapeutic surgical solutions characterized by increased effectiveness and substantially favorable safety profiles. Minimally invasive surgery is a good example …

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balloon sinuplasty ent instruments

Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty is an endoscopic surgical technique where a small, flexible balloon catheter is used to open up blocked sinus passages thereby facilitating the drainage of the mucus built-up. Balloon Sinuplasty is often used in cases of severe rhinosinusitis and has revolutionized sinus surgery as it is highly efficient and also cost effective.

Nasal and Sinus Cultures 3

Nasal and Sinus Cultures

Sinusitis is a very common infection disease that affects many people worldwide affecting both children and adults. Its incidence increases every year and currently, approximately 1 in 8 Indians suffer from Chronic Sinusitis. Sinusitis diagnosis involves many methods, nasal and sinus cultures being one, others being endoscopic examination, X-ray, CT & MRI scan and allergy tests. Nasal and sinus cultures help your sinus specialist establish which microorganism is responsible for your sinusitis.

Nasal Endoscopy

What is Nasal Endoscopy?

Nasal endoscopy is a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure used to examine the nasal passages and paranasal sinuses. This procedure allows the direct evaluation of the nasal mucosa, taking samples (biopsies, cytology, cultures) under visual control and performing surgical procedures such as extraction of polyps or foreign bodies.

Sinuses can be Chronic

Did you know? 1 in every 8 person suffer from Sinusitis. Sinuses can be chronic and hamper your quality of life. Book an appointment with SinusDoctor and get relief from Sinusitis.

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